How to check Windows version

Sometimes you need to find out which version of Windows installed on a computer, laptop or tablet. For example, some programs and computer hardware will only work with a specific version of Windows®.

You may also need to find out if it’s time to upgrade. Microsoft usually supports each version of its operating system for about ten years, and for example, “extended Support” for Windows 7 ends January 14, 2020.

It is very easy to do. The method is suitable for all versions.

  1. Press Win + R. The following window will open (see image below).

    <img src="; alt="run" title="

Using Microsoft Word to manage WordPress SEO content

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world. This simple yet robust CMS is used to organize much of the world wide web today including personal blogs, online shops and company brand sites etc.

Currently, we should create high attractive site content to correspond modern standards for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) promotion. It should be unique, quality, interesting and optimized for the search keywords. Time has gone when we only used and paid for external links and advertisements.

  • Unique is needed to prevent blocks from the search engines.
  • Quality (grammar, theme, design, structure and etc.) is measured as by people as by the search engines.
  • Interest directly influences on the length of human visit time. Search engines interpret this time as content profitability.