Change PC name on desktops, laptops or netbooks

Currently, we can’t imagine our reality without computer communications. We can connect it via wires, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. We connect our PC through Wi-Fi and able to exchange files and multimedia with others in the network, share our laptop internet with other mobiles, pair additional devices via Bluetooth with it, etc.

What is our computer name? Each one has to have own name to be recognizable in this digital world as each person has it too. So we should know how to change our computer name and where it can be found for the most popular types such as

  • Mac and
  • <a hre

Changing the device name of mobiles by a few taps

We leave in an environment where we often face with necessary to connect devices to each other. Sometimes we connect one mobile to another for files and multimedia exchange, connect mobiles to a computer for download taken photos, use our mobile internet in PC, pair useful gadgets via Bluetooth, etc. In all mentored cases, we use device names to recognize it while connecting.

So, we should know how to change device name on popular unit types such as