How to setup free own mail server

If there is a need to create your own email server for your company or personal use for free (it’s actually for small businesses) so this information gives the point of interest. As a result, the mail can be sent over the world via your free mail server for the domain.

Why could we make your own email server?


  • Our own mail domain

    Sending a company’s mail from its domain is a good idea to be business attractive. E.g.

  • Unlimited users

    We can create as many users as we want without extra pay.

  • Unlimited targeting

    Unlimited target addresses while s

Help friends – Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows


Share your Internet with them for free.

Are you waiting guests but don’t have a router? No problem! Just share the home internet connection from your PC or laptop with them for free.

Or save money while traveling with your friends by just using one Internet connection for all <a href="

Break the system! – Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows


Give one Internet connection to many devices for free.

For example, save money while traveling by just sharing one Internet connection with your other devices instead of pay for each one.

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New version 1.1 released – Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows

Now, automatic configuration fully installs the system environment for your convenience. Hotspot type (method) now can be chosen. Full compatibility from last versions of Windows 10. Also, stability is greatly improved. See below. And you can always see full change log of Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows.

Last changes


  • Applying sharing significantly improved.
  • Auto-refresh connections.
  • Lite VPN intergation.
  • Special tray icon for Windows 10.
  • Turning on disabled Wi-Fi and Shared devices.
  • Wi-Fi Direct support (Windows 10).


  • Checkboxes do not end phrases under Classic OS style.
  • Crash when getting error text from the system that contains placeholders.
  • Crash: Text link disappear while processing command.
  • Crash: Windows 10 set sharing.
  • H

Stay always connected without extra payment


Being always online is very important today. Many of us have a set of devices that should be connected. Sometimes we use our devices or share connection with family, friends and colleagues. We face it everywhere while traveling, flying, resting, partying and working.

It happens when we can’t connect all devices to the Internet simultaneously or need to pay extra money for that. Money is paid per device when mobiles are connected via SIM-card. There are cases when Wi-Fi is available only per device e.g. in a hotel room or on an airplane. We obtain USB-modems to connect PC and laptop but it’s incompatible with mobiles and tablets. For satellite or the Internet landline cable we can plug them only into PC or laptop. And additional equipment is needed such as routers if it is not in the connection set.