How to connect laptop, netbook or PC to Wi-Fi on Mac

Currently, Wi-Fi is a very common method of communication. It can be found anywhere: cafes, airports, shops, our homes. In our life we must know how to connect to Wi-Fi on your Mac®.

Note. First, make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled on the laptop.

On your Mac, you can use the icon of the Wi-Fi menu to quickly connect to the nearest wireless network. If you don’t see that the Wi-Fi menu, you can connect using the network settings.

By the menu

Click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu. If Wi-Fi is off, select “Turn Wi-Fi on”. Then select from the list the name (SSID) of the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect.

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How to connect laptop, netbook or PC to Wi-Fi in Windows

Currently, Wi-Fi is a very common method of communication. It can be found anywhere: cafes, airports, shops, our homes. In our life must know how to connect to Wi-Fi.

Note. First, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on the device.

The method is slightly different from the version of Windows®:

Windows 10

How to enable hotspot on PC or laptop with Mac or Windows

Your PC, laptop or netbook can be turned into an access point (hotspot) when it has a Wi-Fi adapter to share the Internet with other devices. It may be necessary, for example, in travel or when you need to share the Internet with friends.

It is possible for Mac®, and Windows®.

Configuring Mac

On Apple devices, there is a standard feature that allows you to do this. You need into the “System Preferences” select “Sharing”.

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How to connect PC internet to mobile phone or tablet

Sometimes we unable to have a direct Internet connection on the mobile phone or tablet due to different reasons. In the last link, we described another way to provide the Internet to mobile. But if we have a laptop, netbook or PC we can use its Internet connection on our mobile devices.

We can connect mobile devices via:

  • Wi-Fi
    • It’s a preferable way because we don’t lose the ability of the mobile phone to be mobile.
    • If the computer doesn’t have a Wi-Fi adapter, we should obtain it. The price for it isn’t a big deal. The cheaper and smaller form-factor is USB. But there are PCMCI (for laptops) and PCI (for PC’s) adapters. So, we may choose what type is more preferable and

Help friends – Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows


Share your Internet with them for free.

Are you waiting guests but don’t have a router? No problem! Just share the home internet connection from your PC or laptop with them for free.

Or save money while traveling with your friends by just using one Internet connection for all <a href="

Break the system! – Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows


Give one Internet connection to many devices for free.

For example, save money while traveling by just sharing one Internet connection with your other devices instead of pay for each one.

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New version 1.1 released – Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows

Now, automatic configuration fully installs the system environment for your convenience. Hotspot type (method) now can be chosen. Full compatibility from last versions of Windows 10. Also, stability is greatly improved. See below. And you can always see full change log of Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows.

Last changes


  • Applying sharing significantly improved.
  • Auto-refresh connections.
  • Lite VPN intergation.
  • Special tray icon for Windows 10.
  • Turning on disabled Wi-Fi and Shared devices.
  • Wi-Fi Direct support (Windows 10).


  • Checkboxes do not end phrases under Classic OS style.
  • Crash when getting error text from the system that contains placeholders.
  • Crash: Text link disappear while processing command.
  • Crash: Windows 10 set sharing.
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Three options of how to connect mobile internet to PC, laptop or netbook

Sometimes we face a situation when we have an only mobile data connection available but we need to use the Internet on our laptop, netbook or PC as well. So, we may share mobile internet to our computer.

We can share mobile device connection to a computer via

  • USB

    It’s the most stable and most economy way.

    • We will have wired connection with PC and don’t depend on any other radio interference. But if the phone is needed by someone else or should be placed in our pocket it’s better to use the below methods.
    • We won’t lose power on mobile.
    • A USB cable is required, and

How to setup Wi-Fi on a tablet or mobile phone in 3 steps

Currently, this wireless technology is one of the most popular connection types. It’s available at home and public places such as airports, planes, buses, trains, pubs, cafes, shops, gyms, works, etc. Furthermore, data usage trough this type of wireless connection is cheaper than a mobile one. Today staying connected is important so we need to know how to configure Wi-Fi on our mobile devices.

Below are connecting Wi-Fi instructions for the most popular platforms such as

The main steps are

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How to connect Xbox to the Internet

Today online gaming is very popular so we should know how to connect to Xbox Live and to the Internet. That allows us to play with real peoples around the world.

Ensure that we have the Internet source to connect with. If we don’t have it we may discover possible ways how to stay online. There are two following options to have Xbox the Internet connection via

  • Cable
    It’s the fastest and the stablest way to get the Internet. We don’t care about wireless signal loss, don’t loose FPS and focus our attention on a game.
  • Wi-Fi
    Use this option if we don’t have any wired hi-speed connection or it will be not convenient. E.g. we are i