New version 1.3 released – Downloads Statistics for WordPress

A new file interception mechanism that significantly improves speed and security. See below. And you can always see full change log of Downloads Statistics for WordPress.

Last changes

Behavior changes

  • New file interception for speed and security.


  • Changing text ‘Already done’ to ‘Dismiss’ in review notification.
  • Direct link to download full version in upgrade message.
  • If EULA is not accepted then showing minimal UI.
  • Import/export of settings.
  • Input-output security improvements.
  • Last access time in ‘Local Database’.
  • Minimum WordPress version is 4.5.
  • On all notifications that requires confirming the close ‘X’ button was removed.
  • Options: Multisite support.
  • Plugin’s custo

New version 2.17 released – Accelerator for WordPress

Fast optimization of styles during self-learning, extended page exclusions, improved managing, and more. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress.

Last changes


  • Checking dependent parts of the cache.
  • Fast optimization of styles during self-learning.
  • HTML fixing: adding skipped HTML tag.
  • Option for maximum execution time and pause after skipped optimization.
  • Page exclusions by XPath expressions for content.
  • Showing error in the manager while operations if server state is wrong.
  • Stopping and controlling the execution of optimization tasks.
  • Without lazy revalidation while optimization content is displayed fresh for all requests instead of the first one.