Temporary downloading unavailability from wp.org Accelerator for WordPress

First of all, all our products and services are available in full mode. We work as it was before and have no plans to stop. Everyday we make our products better and better to bring value for you. Many of our users and customers have already ensured in the quality of our work and support.

This temporary blocking was happened when the moderator decided to flag our plugin due to somebody said on the forum that free version contains a banner. But only free version from our site contains it as it described on wp.org’s page and on our site, so we don’t break any rules of wp.org. After that, the moderator also asked us to make some changes in our code.

Currently, the question related to a banner has been resolved and closed. Also, we have made all necessary changes in the code and sent it to review. Now we are waiting the review result.

So, the plugin is always available from on our site. And we do all of our best to provide you solutions that streamline your business.

Download for free About product… 

More information can be discovered in the original post about Temporary downloading unavailability from wp.org Accelerator for WordPress and on the main site.


Published by Seraphinite Solutions

Seraphinite Solutions founder — An outstanding IT professional with about 20 years hands-on experience in key development of Core Bank Automation Software in relation to database management systems, Security Guarding Solutions, Statistics and Analysis Projects for Medical Services, Analytical Products for broad range Business Management. Expertise covers building framework platforms modifying actual IT technologies along with creation of new mechanisms to streamline various business models successfully applying them for B2C and B2B, for more than 100M+ users, for various international company sizes. Educational background includes Ph.D. in Computer Science and graduation from business school of startups management. Highly innovative with a strong will to achieve set objectives and best results.

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