Temporary downloading unavailability from wp.org Accelerator for WordPress

First of all, all our products and services are available in full mode. We work as it was before and have no plans to stop. Everyday we make our products better and better to bring value for you. Many of our users and customers have already ensured in the quality of our work and support.

This temporary blocking was happened when the moderator decided to flag our plugin due to somebody said on the forum that free version contains a banner. But only free version from our site contains it as it described on wp.org’s page and on our site, so we don’t break any rules of wp.o

New version 2.6 released Accelerator for WordPress

Caching headers, style’s separating imports, comment exclusions from minification, and quality improvements. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress.

Last changes

New features

  • Caching particular headers.
  • Style’s separating imports.


  • Data that marked with [et-ajax] in comments is excluded from minimization.
  • HTML minification: Exclusions for comments.