How to setup free own mail server

If there is a need to create your own email server for your company or personal use for free (it’s actually for small businesses) so this information gives the point of interest. As a result, the mail can be sent over the world via your free mail server for the domain.

Why could we make your own email server?


  • Our own mail domain

    Sending a company’s mail from its domain is a good idea to be business attractive. E.g.

  • Unlimited users

    We can create as many users as we want without extra pay.

  • Unlimited targeting

    Unlimited target addresses while s

New version 2.12.1 released – Post .DOCX Source for WordPress

Post’s parent and order support and some fixes. See the details below. And you can always see full change log of Post .DOCX Source for WordPress.

Last changes

New features

  • Post’s parent and order support.


  • Batch: Comments are always open of the new posts.
  • PHP Compatibility Checker by WPEngine detects issues with PHP 7.3.
  • Paragraphs with floating images are not broken on some themes.

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